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Dress Up Event Invitations & Wedding Stationery with Tassels

Our Tassel Depot team members are no strangers to all the incredible uses for tassels. They are a great way to add extra detail and dress up any invitation, notecard, or stationary. If you are looking for cute and fun ways to decorate event invitations with tassels, these are a few ways to incorporate tassels into event and wedding stationery – from place cards to menus and programs.

How to Adorn Event & Wedding Stationery with Tassels

We have always loved the idea of inviting guests with a little special and setting the stage for the party or event through a fantastic color scheme and simple decorations. There are so many great uses for tassels in event and wedding stationery; here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Tie Tassels to Place Cards

For a simple stationery decoration, use place card tassels. Simply punch a small hole in the corner of the place card and tie a small tassel through it, securing it with a knot. Tassels are one of the best ways to decorate place cards if you are looking for a simple, elegant solution.

Bundle Your Invitation Suites with Tassels

Event invitation suites are bundles of informative paper goods that are sent along with the invitation. Some items found in an event invitation suite include response cards, accommodations, and other important information. This is the perfect way to hint at the aesthetic of your party or event while still providing guests with the necessary information. At Tassel Depot we love to bundle DIY wedding invitation suites with tassels – they not only add an extra detail but are also a great way to tie in color schemes.

Embellish Wedding Menus & Event Programs with Tassels

What better way to decorate a party menu or program than with a tassel from Tassel Depot! Our metallic program tassels easily loop around a folded menu or event program. Your guests will love the detail and it is such a simple way to spice up a menu without having to stay up all night putting them together. Our online tassel manufacturing store carries a wide range of tassels to choose from so you can find the best menu and program tassels for events and other celebrations.

Tassel Decorations on Event & Wedding Invitations

One of our favorite uses for tassels is to embellish invitations. Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party, or other events, there are so many different uses for invitation tassels. A tasteful way to dress up an invitation is to tie pearl-beaded elastic tassels at the top left corner or the top middle.

One of the cutest invitation tassel ideas we’ve come across is for a graduation party! Choose invitations in the shape of a graduation cap and loop a small tassel through the middle so it looks like an actual graduation cap! We recommend choosing tassel colors that match the school colors and adding year date charms as well.

Whether you’re ordering invitations from a shop or opting for DIY wedding invitations, embellishing event invitations with tassels is a great touch that will delight recipients. Tassel Depot carries a wide range of tassels in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to best fit your tassel invitation needs, including a lovely selection of tassel decorations for special events and holidays.

Where to Find Tassels?

Tassel Depot is the leading manufacturer of tassels for numerous occasions. We go the extra mile for our customers, providing premium tassels, tassel accessories, and more. All our tassels are made in the USA and are shipped directly from our Tassel Depot headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

As a way of giving back and holding ourselves accountable for our social responsibility, we established Tassels 4 A Cause. For every product sold under this umbrella, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to charitable organizations.


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