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Graduation Traditions: Tips and Do's and Don'ts for Graduates

On big days like graduation, it helps to have a guide to follow to make sure you aren’t making any mistakes. Graduation is a rite of passage; it’s the end of the line after years of hard work. Graduation is a ritual - prestigious and memorable. Seniors who have completed their education mark it with graduation traditions. Everything from clothing, graduation tassels, to cords and gowns, graduation traditions date back to the middle ages.

Graduation Day is a day when you will be marking the transition from one point of your life to another. Receiving that hard-earned degree or diploma is truly a day to remember and cherish. Tassel Depot in Deerfield Beach, Florida has been supplying graduation tassels for numerous educational institutions, universities, and colleges in South Florida for over 50 years. Here is our list of graduation traditions, as well as do’s and don’ts for graduates.

Graduation Gown Size – There are a few things to know about your graduation gown. In terms of size, your graduation gown should be baggy enough to be comfortable in the hot summer months of May. In terms of length, your graduation gown should end half-way between your knees and ankles. This gives comfort without being too short or too long.

What to Wear Underneath Your Graduation Gown – Well, you should keep it formal, if possible. Graduation, no matter what grade or age, is a big moment and you want to put your best foot forward. Guys should go for formal black pants, a black button up shirt, and a tie. Girls should go for a light dress or a blouse and skirt, but nothing long enough to be seen at the bottom of the gown. Although it may be tempting to go casual since no one can really see it, graduation is a more formal tradition and your attire should reflect that and be respectful.

Graduation Cap Throwing – This graduation tradition was believed to be invented by the U.S. Navy. On graduation day at the academy, midshipmen would get their new officer’s hats and they would throw their old hats in the air as a sign of appreciation. A tip from Tassel Depot: since you most likely spent a little bit of money on your graduation cap and decorative graduation tassel, if you throw it in the air, be sure to keep an eye on it so that you can find it. Or, mark it on the inside to make it easier to find.

Graduation Tassel – Probably the most frequently asked question from soon-to-be graduates: what side to I flip my graduation tassel to? For high school and undergraduate college, the tassel should move from right to left after you receive your degree or diploma and the person leading the ceremony signals everyone to move their tassel, making it official. If you are in graduate college, it moves from left to right.

On behalf of us at Tassel Depot, Happy Graduation Day and best of luck in your new endeavors!