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Our achievements are measured in different ways, including a rope of a certain color. Graduation Honor Cords are a way of recognizing a student for their achievements and commitment to different groups within the school; including: clubs, honor societies, and organizations.

Graduation Honor Cords are available in a variety of colors and patterns, including solid honors cords, two-color, and three-color braided honor cords. Graduation Honor Cords are 54” long with a 4” Chainette Tassel on each end.

Tassel Depot offers Graduation Honor Cords for individual purchase at $7.50 per honor cord, and gladly accepts “official” school purchase orders of graduation honor cords, for pricing as low as $1.35 each.

Tassel Depot offers same day shipping for all Graduation Honor Cords – with no rush charges or hidden fees. Tassel Depot is a leader in the graduation tassel community, with over 150 years in the business. All of Tassel Depot’s graduation tassels, graduation accessories, and graduation products are proudly made in the USA.

Tassel Depot is also pleased to announce that our American made Graduation Tassels are environmentally friendly, made of 100% natural cotton yarn.

“We are remembered by the beauty we leave behind”. Show your beauty off with a graduation honor cord that reflects your success.

If you are looking for a way to celebrate your achievements on graduation day, Tassel Depot would like to help. Show off your accomplishments and commitment to your club, honor society, or organization, with a Graduation Honor Cord from Tassel Depot.