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 Different Ways to Display Your Tassel After Graduation

The big moment has arrived, and you have completed one of the biggest milestones in your life – graduation. But what do you do with your tassel or your graduation sash after graduation? Your memory tassel is a keepsake that should be stored or displayed to remember this big day. At Tassel Depot, we are the number one tassel manufacturer in the nation and are sharing some different ways to display your tassel after graduation.

How to Display Graduation Tassels After Graduation

When finding the right place to display your tassel after graduation, get creative thinking of where you may want to put it and how you wish to memorialize your graduation. Here are a few of our favorite ways to display your tassel after graduation.

Graduation Tassel Frame

A great way to display your tassel after graduation is with a graduation tassel frame. There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing the right graduation frame. Some graduation frames have a place for a grad picture, a diploma, and the tassel. Other graduation frames have just enough room for a graduation cap and a tassel right beside it. If you decorated your graduation cap, or have a custom graduation cap, we recommend putting it on display for everyone to see! Figure out which graduation frame style works best for you and choose accordingly.

At Tassel Depot, we are huge fans of using graduation tassel frames as they highlight your accomplishments while ensuring they are safe for years to come.

Graduation Shadow Box

A shadow box can display your tassel after graduation and all your other graduation gear all in one! A graduation shadow box gives the graduate the opportunity to put everything in one place to be displayed on a table or a bookshelf. At Tassel Depot, we love the idea of a shadow box because it keeps your graduation stoles and cords, as well as other graduation accessories all together. A shadow box gives the graduate peace of mind knowing nothing will be lost and everything is in one place.

Memory Tassel Ornament

A cute way to display your tassel after graduation is by putting it in an ornament. Although it may only be seen once a year, tassel ornaments are a great way to ensure it is safe from being damaged or lost. Simply purchase a clear ornament and delicately place your memory tassel inside and safely secure it. Voila! You have your very own graduation ornament to remember your accomplishments throughout the years.

Where to Find Tassels for Graduation?

At Tassel Depot we have a wide range of tassels for sale in different sizes and colors to match every school or university. We take tassels very seriously and pride ourselves on providing only the finest tassels for every graduate. But we don’t just stop there! We have graduation accessories to ensure you are ready for your big day, from graduation caps and gowns to cute keepsakes such as our graduation bracelets.

If you have any questions about our tassels or would like to learn more about tassels 4 a cause give us a call at 954-698-0000. Our representatives are here to support you on your big day and answer any of your questions you may have!

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