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How to Decorate Your Tree With Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Many people decorate their Christmas trees with aesthetics in mind. Today’s trees are likely to have color-coordinated baubles, ribbons, foliage, garlands, and more. If you want to take a more old-fashioned approach to tree decorating, the key phrase to remember is personalized Christmas tree ornaments. Your Christmas tree can truly reflect you, your personality, and the happy moments you’ve experienced throughout the year if you load up branches with keepsakes and Christmas ornaments you can personalize. Here are three ways to create a truly unique Christmas tree that’s personal to you.

Celebrate Milestone Like Graduation

If your high school or college graduation was this year, celebrate it with a commemorative Christmas ornament on this year’s tree. If your commencement is coming up next year or a few years from now, you can still put something up on your tree to symbolize your upcoming achievement. It can be something you can look forward to or can even signify your continuing commitment to your education. At Tassel Depot, we have the perfect graduation tassel ornament to commemorate your academic achievement -- a glass, round ornament with a graduation tassel inside. Customize the tassel with your school colors and a charm of your graduation year.

Anticipate the New Year Starting Now

Let’s be frank...2020 was a chaotic year. From COVID, lockdowns, quarantine, celebrity deaths, and natural disasters, everything seemed to go wrong. If you are sick of 2020 and want it to be 2021 already, bring that energy to your tree with a personalized Christmas ornament celebrating the upcoming new year. Our New Year’s tassel ornament is a clear glass bauble, featuring a metallic gold and silver tassel with a gold metal 2021 charm inside. Tassel Depot has other holiday-themed tassel ornaments as well, including a red and green Christmas tassel ornament and a blue and white Hanukkah tassel ornament.

Decorate With Other Personal Keepsakes

If you want to make your own personalized Christmas tree ornaments, a clear, round glass bauble is the best choice. These are Christmas ornaments you can personalize to the max, putting almost anything inside of them. Personal mementos like treasured concert tickets or polaroid photos of friends and family are perfect fits. Be creative and use clear ornaments for kid-friendly art projects. Make DIY snow globes with fake snow and bristle brush trees. Make Christmas tree decorating even more fun for the whole family.

Order Personalized Christmas Ornaments from Tassel Depot!

Personalize your tree this holiday season with the help of Tassel Depot. In our online store, we have many clear Christmas ornaments options to choose from. Get ornaments that commemorate your graduation year and even the honors you graduated with. Decorate your tree with holiday colors with red and green Christmas tassel ornaments or white and blue Hanukkah tassel ornaments. You can even celebrate the upcoming new year with one of our special tassel ornaments. Want to go full DIY? You can also order heavy-duty clear glass ornaments that can be filled up with mementos or anything you can think of. Contact us to learn more about our wide selection of Christmas and home decorations!