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Tips for Decorating Your Home for Spring

With Easter and days filled with light showers and warmer days on the horizon, it’s time to brighten your home for springtime. To help get you started on decorating your home for spring, Tassel Depot has come up with a few ideas that are sure to transform your home into a warm and inviting space for the season.

Fresh Floral Arrangement – Bring new life into your home with a vibrant floral arrangement filled with beautiful blossoms that you can place on your dining room table as a centerpiece, or keep by your front door.

Colorful Spring Tassel Garland – Wish your family and guests a Happy Easter with a creative garland sign and embellish it with pastel-colored tassels to add a special touch. Hang the Easter garland on your mantle or across a hallway mirror in your home for all to see.

Bright Pillows and Throw Blankets – Swap out all of your dark couch pillows and heavy throw blankets with more colorful and lighter items. Our tassel manufacturers suggest choosing colors that make you feel happy and warm, such as yellow or green.

Spring Front Door Wreath – Don’t forget to freshen your home’s entry way! Buy a springtime wreath at your local craft store or create your own for your front door. Simply use a hot glue gun to add decorative Easter eggs, carrots or bird nests to a colorful wreath.

Decorative Egg Display – Take your egg-decorating game up a notch and display your creations throughout your home. At Tassel Depot, we use glitter, jewels and tassel ties to uniquely decorate blown-out eggs.