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Custom Bookmarks with Floss Tassels to Attach (Bundle of 100)
Custom Bookmarks with Floss Tassels to Attach (Bundle of 100)

Custom Bookmarks with Floss Tassels to Attach (Bundle of 100)

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Create your own custom designed bookmarks as a favor, memoir or marketing tool. Send us your special logo or graphic (preferably in a PDF), along with personalized copy and we will produce the bookmark for you.

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Custom Bookmarks | Tassel Depot

Tassel Depot’s custom bookmarks have a variety of customizable features, perfect for party favors, gifts, marketing tools, and more! Our custom printed bookmarks are available with tassels as well. 

How It Works

To purchase and design a custom bookmark through Tassel Depot is a simple process. When you are ready to buy custom bookmarks online, submit your requested logo or graphic (preferably as a PDF file) and any personalized copy/text you would like to be printed. Our price includes prints on both the front and back. Artwork and copy can be emailed to [email protected], or faxed to 954-698-0009. 

*** Click here to download our Custom Bookmark Template in PDF format.

Our custom prints will be shipped out within approximately one week's time from your order date.  


Our bookmarks are 2.25” by 7.25” with rounded edges, and a 1/4“ hole at the top.  The Stock is 12 Pt. C2S Cover. The price includes printing on both the front an back. 

Custom Tassels

We additionally have a variety of custom bookmark tassels to choose from. These tassels range in size and color to meet any specifications you may want. 

Our Catalog

At Tassel Depot, we have a wide variety of graduation accessories and decorative items to fit all events. Our graduation accessories include graduation cords, stoles of gratitude, and of course our graduation cap, gown, and tassel pack to name a few. All of our graduation items are available for customization with a plethora of color options, and the ability to print custom text. 

In addition to graduation gear, we provide decorative tassels and items for a wide range of events. View our specialty collections, designed specifically for special dates including, but not limited to Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and more!

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