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Samaritans 365 Key Ring Tassel

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Your Price: $4.50
S365 Key Ring Tassel
Part Number: S365CTKEYSAM365
Quantity Price
1 - 24 $4.50
25 - 99 $4.00
50 - 99 $3.50
100+ $3.25

SHOW YOUR KINDNESS! Our key ring tassels are great pieces…they are special purchases for yourself a gift for Club Members, Ambassadors, Sponsors, Parents, Teachers, and presenting organizations. They can be used as keyrings OR they can be fastened onto backpacks or handbags, gift bags, or other items to show Samaritans Spirit! Each Key Ring Tassel has a teal, white, and black 4 ½” Tassel, and you can add a graduation year date charm at no additional cost.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day.

For larger orders, please call for pricing.


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