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What is the Difference Between Commencement and Graduation

What is the Difference Between Commencement and Graduation 

As the school year progresses, graduation draws ever closer. Some may even have a winter graduation approaching! Graduation ceremonies are traditional affairs with various proceedings and customs that may seem strange. You may have heard the term commencement ceremony before and wondered what the difference between a commencement vs graduation ceremony is.


What is a Graduation Commencement?  

A graduation commencement is actually what most think a graduation ceremony is. A commencement ceremony can be confused with a ‘graduation ceremony’ in colloquial conversation. A graduation commencement is a ceremony you’ve seen countless times in movies, and probably have been in yourself, with commencement speakers, graduation cap, gown, and tassels, and the ceremonious handing off of diploma covers.  

Therein lies the main difference between a commencement vs a graduation ceremony. You typically only receive a diploma cover, symbolizing your degree, at commencement as you have yet to officially graduate. While it is in most cases simply a formality, final grades usually have not been submitted by the commencement ceremony, meaning that students are technically not graduates.  

What is a Graduation?  

Graduation refers to when a student has received all of their final grades and has met all degree requirements. 


Commencement Ceremony vs. Graduation 

Most of these definitions are simply formalities. In everyday conversation, most will refer to a commencement ceremony and official graduation as a graduation ceremony. This is one of the reasons many students may wonder, ‘ why don’t you get your diploma at graduation?’ The answer being, that it is a commencement ceremony, and you have technically not graduated yet. 


Outfitting Your Commencement and Graduation Ceremony  

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