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Christmas Tree Decorations and Ideas

Christmas lights, shiny garland, unique or classic ornaments, pine needles, the smell of balsam and fir, opening presents, drinking eggnog, watching movies with the family are all some of the loveliest aspects of Christmas. As the shining centerpiece of your home every holiday season, it is important to make your Christmas tree look the best it can. Try these great, Christmas tree decorations and ideas from Tassel Depot. 

Bring out the color. Christmas is the best time to go bold! Add color to your tree with neon and metallic decorations. 

Stay simple. If you dislike the look of a full Christmas tree, keep it simple with a few ball ornaments and hanging plastic icicles. 

Dedicate the design to your kidsIf you have any college student children or recent graduates, one of our favorite Christmas tree decorations is the exclusive tassel ornament from Tassel Depotdisplaying the school colors inside a transparent ball. 

America. Mimic the famous White House Christmas Tree with reds, whites, and blues for a patriotic Christmas. 

Tinsel and Tassels. Tinsel can incorporate tons of sparkle, and Tassel Depot suggests adding some cords to the tree! Especially on a child’s Christmas tree, rayon cords can make for great garland to add to the tinsel; giving your tree that extra bit of sparkle and style!  

If you have not started decorating your Christmas tree, these ideas and decorations should give you the inspiration you need to make the most beautiful Christmas tree to be the heart of your home this holiday season. Add some decorative Christmas tree tassels, tassel ornaments, rayon cords, and place a star at the top of your tree for your family to gaze at, place presents under, and relish in the joys of Christmas.