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Phone Case Decorations With Tassel Depot!

Customizing the items we use daily brings a touch of personality to our lives. Whether it’s adding charms to a handbag or an art design to a favorite mug, personalizing everyday things makes them feel more like our own. One of- if not the most- used items in our daily routine is our cell phone. So, why not make it as unique as you? Tassel Depot now offers an exciting range of cell phone case decorations, allowing you to make your phone more like you. With us, you can create a phone case that not only protects your device but also showcases your unique style. 

Where Did Cell Phone Case Decorations Come From? 

Like all inventions, cell phone case decorations evolved. Phone case decorating is a trend that started around the late nineties, along with the invention of the cell phone itself. With the transition of personal phones from just making calls to now having mini-computers in our pockets, customization was inevitable. Decorating phone cases has been popular for at least twenty years. Even before smartphones, people customized their flip phone cases with bedazzles, stickers, paint, and more. You name it, people did it! 

How to Decorate Your Phone Case 

As time advances, so do technology and available decorations for phone cases. Cell phone case decorations are a lot of fun to do! If you’re looking for different ways to decorate a phone case, we have some here for you: 

Beads, Rhinestones, and Stickers 

Add sparkle to your phone case! Cell phone case decorations with sparkling beads and rhinestones are a great way to show you shine! Or, express your personality with pre-made decals or stickers. Create patterns or showcase your interests with these versatile decoration options. 

Fabric and Pictures 

You can decorate a phone with fabric scraps or lace for a textured and stylish look. Also, try incorporating your favorite photos printed on special paper to add a personal touch and show off your cherished memories. 

Charms and More 

Attach small decorative pieces like charms to your phone case to add a touch of personality. Mix and match different decorations to create an eye-catching design that reflects your interests and style. 

With these DIY decoration ideas, you can easily transform your phone case into a one-of-a-kind accessory that reflects who you are! Let your imagination run wild and have fun flaunting your cell phone case decorations by using these creative techniques! 

Decorate Your Phone with Us! 

Discover your creative side of phone case decorating with Tassel Depot! We offer all materials of any size and color to find the perfect match for your vision. With Tassel Depot, creating stunning cell phone case decorations is a breeze. We don’t just do tassels, we do everything celebration-related! We have everything from custom bookmarks to custom graduation caps and even a Greek key ring!  

If this article piqued your interest, we have a collection of blogs centered around decoration; check them out if you'd like to read them! Contact us today or call us to learn more about Tassel Depot and the rest of our selection. Bring your cell phone case decoration dreams to life with the help of Tassel Depot!