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Can You Wear Two Tassels at Graduation?

Can You Wear Two Tassels at Graduation?

Tassels are an essential part of the uniform worn during graduation; they not only play into the aesthetics of a complete graduation outfit but are commonly used as part of the ceremony with the ceremonial switching of sides. But is it possible to wear two tassels at graduation? Yes! What are the circumstances in which more than one tassel can be worn and should the tassels be displayed during graduation? The graduation experts at Tassel Depot offer answers to these questions by examining the tradition of wearing more than one tassel at your graduation ceremony.

When Can I Wear 2 Tassels for Graduation?

If you plan on wearing two tassels at graduation, you must understand when you can do so. Some schools may have the tradition of multiple tassels already established, if this is your circumstance, then you are already not only encouraged to but expected to wear more than one so you can rest easy as to your eligibility.  If you are graduating from a school or institution that does not traditionally have the practice of wearing two tassels at graduation, then it can get a little bit trickier. A second tassel is usually associated with membership to an honors society or extra-curricular activity. So if you were in either of these activities during school, be sure to ask around to see if there is a special tassel being designed and distributed to the members of said group and get your second tassel ready! In some instances, students are allowed to wear a second, personal tassel to allow for individualism during the ceremony. Ask the faculty of your school or university and see what the policy surrounding this practice is before you go out and get your additional tassel. 

Graduation Cap Etiquette When Wearing Two Tassels

With few exceptions, the etiquette surrounding graduation caps changes little when you are wearing two tassels at graduation. Your additional university or high school tassel will still be on the right side of your cap, and you will shift it to the left upon the ceremony’s conclusion. However, the graduation tassel side and action will not change.

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