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Who is Tassel Depot?

Posted by Andrew Phillips on 2/16/2018
Many of you know our name, but don’t where all of this tassel glory began. Dating back to 1864, Hofmann & Leavy, Inc. was founded in New York. Producing the highest-quality cords, tassels, and graduation regalia in the industry. Eventually, a name change was put in place when the headquarters was relocated to Deerfield Beach, Florida in 1989.

Must Have Valentine’s Day Gifts

Posted by Andrew Phillips on 2/12/2018
With your loved one in mind, it’s time to get those must-have presents for Valentine’s Day. Where do you start though? Tassel Depot doesn’t sound like a bad place to start creating a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gift that your significant other is sure to love! With a huge selection and over 8 million items in stock, even last-minute presents can make it to your doorstep on-time.