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Tassel Fashion Trends

Tassel Fashion Trends

Reusing graduation apparel offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative. Graduates can pass down gowns, caps, and accessories to future students, reducing waste and minimizing expenses. This practice fosters a sense of tradition and community, while also contributing to eco-conscious efforts. By encouraging the reuse of graduation attire, institutions promote environmental responsibility and financial efficiency, aligning with modern values of sustainability and resourcefulness. One of the most common pieces of graduation clothing are tassels. If you would like to learn about tassel fashion trends and how you could make the best use of your old clothing, continue reading below to learn from our graduation honor cord manufacturer.

How to Make Tassel Fashion Earrings

Tassel fashion earrings are a type of accessory that typically features long, hanging threads or strands of material that resemble tassels. These earrings have gained popularity in the fashion world due to their unique and eye-catching designs. Earrings are part of the tassel fashion trends that more and more people are starting to wear. To design these earrings, you are going to need to gather the correct materials. These materials include:  

 Graduation Tassels 

 Earring Hooks 

 Jump Rings



After gathering these materials, you need to follow the steps necessary for creating them. A short description for creating this tassel fashion trend is detailed below: 

Prepare the tassels by removing the tassel from the tassel graduation cap. 

 Trim the graduation tassel according to the dimension that you are most comfortable with. 

 Fold the tassel to make sure that the cuts are aligned.

 Create a loop so that you can attach this to an earring loop. 

 Secure the loop by tying a secure knot and trimming any excess thread. 

 Attach the earring hook to the loop of the tassel. 

 Repeat this process for the second earring.

Benefits of DIY Tassel Earrings

There are many benefits to creating this tassel fashion trend by yourself. DIY tassel earrings offer personalized style and cost-effectiveness, empowering you to customize colors, materials, and designs. Crafting them fosters a sense of accomplishment, relaxation, and skill development while providing unique, eco-friendly gifts. Engaging in creative expression and bonding through crafting sessions amplifies the enjoyment, resulting in one-of-a-kind accessories that showcase your creativity and offer a tangible sense of ownership. These tassel earrings could also serve as a good memento along with college honor cords and graduation hats. 

How to Make Old Fashioned Lamp Shades With Tassels

To craft old-fashioned lamp shades with tassels you need to follow these steps: 1.) Gather Materials: Gather fabric, wireframe, tassels, glue, scissors, and thread. 

 2.)  Design the Fabric Covering: Cut fabric to fit the frame's circumference and height. Glue fabric to the frame, folding edges neatly. 

 3.) Create the Tassel Attachment: Secure tassels along the bottom edge using thread, evenly spaced. 4.) Design the Top Closure: Create an opening at the top for bulb access. Fold and glue the fabric neatly. 

 5.) Add the Final Touches: Ensure tassels hang evenly. Attach shade to the lamp base. Adjust fabric and tassels as needed. 

 6.) Enjoy: Illuminate your space with the charm of your DIY tassel-adorned lamp shade.

More About Tassel Depot

Tassel Depot offers much more for our customers than detailing tassel fashion trends. We offer a wide variety of graduation cords and cords for graduation in high school, among many others. Schedule an appointment with our professionals today to learn more about all that we can offer you.  

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