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Tips For How to Add Wedding Tassels to Your Wedding Décor

Your big day is coming up and all of us here at Tassel Depot want to congratulate you and your significant other for deciding to take a big step in both your lives! Weddings are full of tradition, both old and new, but one thing that most soon-to-wed couples agree on is that they want their special day to be memorable. If you are looking for a way to make your wedding unique and stand out from the rest, look no further than wedding tassels to amp up your wedding décor!

Tassel Depot has hundreds of decorative wedding tassels to make your wedding unique, elegant, and colorful!

Wedding Invitation Tassels

Don’t wait for the ceremony itself, start adding a little flair by attaching tassels to your wedding invitations. You will find that adding a menu tassel to an invitation really sets your wedding invite apart from the rest.

Hang Wedding Tassels from Ceremonial Arch and Entryways

An inexpensive way to make your wedding unique and classy is to hang wedding tassels from archways and entryways. The ceremony itself marks the transition from single individuals to a union of souls, so marking the ceremonial arch and doorways is a way to pay mind to that transition.

Spice up the Bouquet

Tassels for weddings don’t have to stop at simple setup décor! Use a few wedding tassels to create a train for your bouquet. This is a perfect way to make your bouquet feel classic and it even gives a little more leverage for the female guests to catch it during the tossing of the bouquet.

Tassels for Seat Cards

Another way to add class when using tassels for your wedding is to give your seat cards a little more elegance. You have likely already spent the money on calligraphy and beautiful paper, so why not add a small tassel and take your wedding seat cards to the next level.

Wedding Tables and Tassels

All eyes are typically on the royal table during the reception; and, if you have people coming a long way, likely the buffet table too. Decorating your wedding tables by adding a row of wedding tassels to the front will make your royal table and buffet table look more elegant.