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Program Tassels

One of the most memorable parts of a graduation ceremony or special event is the program that accompanies it. This physical copy serves as a souvenir of the event, which is likely to be one of the most memorable in someone’s life. There is no better way to add some character to your program than by leveraging program tassels. Program tassels work to make your graduation or special ceremony more memorable than ever before by making the program more striking to the eye. We are dedicated to providing our customers some of the highest quality tassels and program tassels for our customers.

Graduation Program Tassels

Graduations are some of the most popular events that there are. Graduation marks a before and after in someone’s life, so every detail needs to be considered when you are planning this event. This is especially true for the program, which details the order of events and any special commemorations or accolades that the people who are graduating have to claim. For these students, having a good-looking program makes their special day even more memorable. Some of our most popular program tassels for graduations include our chainette tassels, twister tassels, metallic tassels, and much more.


Program Tassel Cords

Another way that you could decorate your programs is with tassel cords. Tassel cords are an inexpensive and effective way to further decorate your program to make it more attractive. Tassel cords work by giving the tail end of a tassel more character and personalization. Tassel Depot is proud to carry a wide selection of cords, including rayon cords, metallic cords, and elastic cords. Our professionals would be glad to help you choose the correct cords for your program according to the tassel that you have chosen. 

Elastic Tassels for Programs 

When it comes to tassels, there are many different materials they can be constructed of. One of the most popular includes elastic tassels. Elastic tassels are an interesting choice for people that would be interested in decorating their programs because they have an interesting texture, and they could be more easily hung when decorating dorm rooms or other areas of the home. These are among the most popular of our selections, along with the adjustable program tassels. 

More About Tassel Depot

Tassel Depot is one of the top suppliers of graduation apparel and accessories available. We could assist you today with purchasing decorative tassels for a party, holiday tassels, event loops, beaded graduation caps for sale, and graduation caps for sale, among many others. Our mission as a business is to make sure that your graduation ceremony or any other kind of ceremony is as memorable and beautiful as possible. Contact us today to learn more.