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Thanksgiving is a good occasion for celebrations because it gathers family and friends at a time focused on commemoration. Whether you will be graduating around the Thanksgiving holiday or shortly after, there are few occasions as fitting for celebrating such an achievement as graduation. As your graduation experts, the team at Tassel Depot is here to explain how you could leverage such an event as Thanksgiving to commemorate your special day. Continue reading below to learn more about how we can assist you and how you can begin to plan for your graduation event or Thanksgiving graduation.

Thanksgiving Speech for Graduation

There are a few ways to give thanks to everyone who has helped you along the way to your graduation, including giving a Thanksgiving speech. Speeches are a great way to mention all the hard work you have put into your academic career. They also allow you to talk about how grateful you are for the help your family and friends have given you along the way. To prepare a Thanksgiving speech, you should sit down for a few moments and narrow down who exactly your target audience is and what the theme of the speech will be. This will serve to outline what tone you will be portraying during your speech and what kind of jokes or metaphors you will be using. Depending on the audience, you may opt to take a more humorous approach to your speech, or maybe you would prefer a more serious and grateful tone. Most speeches during this time of year will focus on acknowledging difficult times and coming out with a feeling of resolution or hope.  After determining who your audience will be and your approach to your speech, it will be time to create an outline. An outline for your speech should include what the introduction will be. The introduction of your speech will lay out the foundation of the most important pieces and will also give the audience an idea of where the speech is headed. Once you have laid out the direction of your speech for your audience, it will be time to lay out the body of the speech. The body of your speech is essentially the meat and potatoes of it and where most of your hardest-hitting points will be. You should save all of the most emotional and detailed portions of it in this section of the speech. Here is where you will most likely be connecting with the audience as well. Some important tips for the body of your speech are to start with the most important point and then transition to the least important items as the speech progresses. This works to capture the attention of the audience at the point of the speech when most people are paying attention. This could also be seen as the “hook” of the speech. It will draw the most attention from your audience. 

What Should a Thanksgiving Message for Graduation Be? 

As mentioned above, a Thanksgiving speech needs to have the theme of gratitude and overcoming struggles with the help of family and friends. The direction of the speech also gives the audience a sense that your graduation is one of their accomplishments as well. This leaves a good impression on your family and friends for the rest of the evening. You could make your own Thanksgiving graduation message or use a sample Thanksgiving message for graduation that you can find on the internet.

Thanksgiving Prayer for Graduation

Another Thanksgiving graduation staple is prayers. Thanksgiving is a time for people of faith to pray and show their gratitude and connection to a higher power. For those that are going to go this route, you will find some prayers that are already made for you to take inspiration from or copy.

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