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What to Do with Your Graduation Tassels After Graduation

You’ve graduated! You’ve walked across that stage, tossed your cap in the air, and taken a nauseating amount of family pictures in your graduation cap, gown, and tassel. Commencement may be over, but now you’re left with accessories that you’re not quite sure what to do with. What do you do with your graduation cap tassel? Rather than tossing it in a cardboard box bound for the dusty attic, let our creative team at Tassel Depot teach you how to use your tassel after graduation.

Graduation Ornaments

If you’re struggling to find somewhere to put your tassel after graduation, why not put it inside something! With just a couple of dollars and a few minutes of crafting, you can create a unique memento that will withstand the test of time.

  1. Visit a local store and purchase a clear holiday ornament. 

  2. Remove the top hook of the ornament.

  3. Use glue to connect your tassel to the inside bottom of the top piece. 

  4. Put your top back onto the ornament

  5. Decorate the outside with stickers and markers to put your spin on the accessory.

If you’ve already thrown your tassel away, you can purchase our customizable tassel ornament. You can choose your school colors and graduation year, and it’ll be like you never lost your tassel in the first place!

Tassel Frame

If you’re looking for the perfect decor for your new office space, consider framing your tassel. All it takes is a long, thin frame, and you can put your tassel on display for everyone to see. To make this easy yet charming display, take out the cardboard back that is used to keep pictures in place. Drape the tassel over the top of the piece of cardboard. Adjust the height of the tassel to your liking, making sure the bulk of the tassel will show in the frame. Secure the tassel with a strip of tape, put the back into the picture frame again, and you have just made a beautiful display of your academic achievement for everyone to view.

Key Ring/Rear View Mirror Decor

If you’re looking for a simpler way to display your tassel after graduation, there are a few fun ways to show off your accomplishments. First, you can tie it onto your keychain and take it everywhere you go. Make sure it doesn’t get in your way while you drive, and enjoy this reminder of your graduation day. Still not satisfied? Try hanging it from your car’s rearview mirror so whenever you go for a drive, you are reminded of all the good times you experienced at your alma mater. A graduation tassel is easy to keep around as an accessory and memento of the hard work you put towards your education.

At Tassel Depot, we want to make sure you get everything possible out of your big day. Our graduation stoles, honor cords, and cap and gown packages are available in all sizes and colors. For all your graduation apparel, Tassel Depot is the place to go.