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The time to honor your academic achievements has finally arrived, Graduation! These achievements can be honored in various ways and through different graduation accessories, including graduation stoles, stoles of gratitude. Wait…what? It’s important to know the difference between these different graduation accessories before purchasing them, to ensure that you are recognizing the correct organization, honors, and achievements.

Graduation stoles are a very common addition to the traditional cap and gown ensemble worn for high school and college graduations. Graduation stoles symbolize the accomplishments of the graduate in fraternities and/or sororities, majors, graduation years, academic honors, and other achievements. Graduation stoles can be purchased in a variety of colors and can be embroidered with custom wording or designs.

A Stole of Gratitude is a graduation stole that demonstrates appreciation for those who have helped the graduation. Stoles of Gratitude offer an opportunity to say, “thank you’” for the moral or financial support provided to help make this graduation a reality. Stoles of Gratitude are worn during the commencement ceremony and are presented to the honoree after graduation. Stoles of Gratitude make for great graduation gifts and can be used as decoration to symbolize love, appreciation, and achievement.


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