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Tassel Overhauls to Beat First-Semester Blues

September is a great time of year to reinvent, readjust, and reevaluate your year and everything leading up to the new year. The first semester of school is a blank slate, and students use this time to refocus on the positives and the path that they are headed on. With that in mind, Tassel Depot has numerous ways that you can beat the first-semester blues with a tassel overhaul to amp up your wardrobe and dorm room, and energize your surroundings.

Fall Colors for Fall Tassels

Traditional fall colors remain the same year after year; chocolate, burnt orange, goldenrod, terra cotta and hunter green are all classic fall colors. And although these colors are great for decorating for fall, they may not exactly give you that tassel overhaul to boost your spirits about tackling another school year.

When you shop for fall tassels at Tassel Depot, you have access to a myriad of colors; so branch out and try the following fall colors that will brighten your mood, brighten your first-semester, and brighten your dorm room or accessories: Royal Blue, Roman Gold, Copper and Lilac.

Fall Tassel Jewelry and Accessories

Tassel jewelry took off as a trend for summer, but the trend is creeping into fall fashion as well. Trendsetters are strutting around campus with tassels on their dresses, on their shoes, their bookbags, and even on their necklaces and bracelets. Tassel Depot has the selection that allows you to choose the exact styles and colors that suit your look and personality. Use the aforementioned fall colors to spruce up your wardrobe!

Tassel Decorations for Your Room

There are plenty of ways to decorate your dorm room with stylish tassels, tassel garlands, pillow tassels, and even tassels for ceiling fans so that you can actually reach the chain. No matter which one of these tassel overhauls you choose, the fall colors and flowing style of tassels will bring the fall vibe right into your dorm room or apartment.