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Tassel Depot's Halloween Costume Ideas

Your favorite holiday to dress up and munch on some candy is right around the corner! Have you thought of any Halloween costume ideas yet? Lucky, Tassel Depot is here to save the day. Being that tassels are our specialty, we have a few great Halloween costume ideas with tassels to help inspire you, whether you are making a simple handmade costume, an extremely advanced DIY, or purchasing one from the costume store.

One of our favorite Halloween costume ideas that is a cinch to put together is 1920's flapper girl. To make the most basic version of this costume, all you need is: 

  • Flapper dress with some fringe and tassels on it 

  • Headband with feathers in itwhich you can use one of our frog closures to hold the feathers in 

  • Long, pearl necklace and other pearl jewelry 

  • Long gloves 

  • Extravagant smokey-eye makeup and lipstick 

  • Feather boa is optional, but can make or break your costume 

Another one of our Halloween costume ideas is a Tahitian dancing princess. To make your headdress, you will need to: 

  • Incorporate tassels and feathers of all different colors 

  • Add cowry shells and other beautiful seashells 

  • Add leaves and flowers, real or fake 

There are many different ways to make this outfit to the headdress, but the best and easiest way to dress is to: 

  • Wear a strapless top or coconut shell top 

  • Add a flowy, fringe skirt 

  • Being barefoot is ideal 

Bring out the spurs because another one of our Halloween costume ideas involves some cowboy boots! Being a glamour cowgirl is not hard with the help of Tassel Depot. All you need is: 

  • Our tassel ties to tie around your boots 

  • Shirt to match your boots, make sure it has some glamour fringe! 

  • Tassel ties to tie around your cowboy hat that match the ones on your boots