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Show Off Your New Greek Colors on Campus This Fall!

Sorority and fraternity life is rich in history; and the same way that every person is unique, each Greek family is as well. The symbolism of Greek life stands for much more than what meets the eye, and what better way to show your pride this season than with Greek colored tassels? We can help you show off your Greek colors this fall with our GRSSK tassel line, exclusively in our catalog!

Each sorority and fraternity composes a fundraising program. Here at Tassel Depot, we run a project called Tassels 4 My Philanthropy. Tassels 4 My Philanthropy gives organizations the opportunity to run a project that sells fun and memorable products, where a percentage of the proceeds goes towards the specific philanthropy, and another percentage goes towards your social organization. Whether you are raising money for the local homeless shelter or breast cancer awareness, show off your Greek colors while raising money! 

When you get a new sorority sister or fraternity brother, you give multiple gifts to show your love and welcoming! There is no better gift to add to the bag for your new Greek sibling than a braided bracelet. Show off your Greek colors in your jewelry! You can choose from three different colors to personalize the bracelet to match your sorority or fraternity. If you are leader of the chapter, you can get bracelets for the whole crew for everyone to match and show off your Greek colors! 

If you are a parent shopping for your college student, we have Greek graduation ornaments that are customizable for each sorority or fraternity. These are perfect for you or your college student to hang right on the Christmas tree. We also provide our Greek grads with honor cords that match their families. If you are alumni, you would be proud of your child when they show of your Greek colors at graduation this fall! 

With plenty of different combinations to choose from, Tassel Depot’s line of GRSSK tassels is nothing less than impressive. Show off your Greek colors this fall with our world famous Greek colored tassels!