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Greek Sorority and Fraternity Tassels for Starting Off the Semester

GO GREEK! Tassel depot has all the accessories you need for your upcoming semester. Whether you’re a sophomore looking to make a big impression this year in your fraternity house, or a sorority sister trying to show some appreciation to your upper classmen. Tassel Depot has full stock of your GREEK sorority and fraternity tassels and accessories to make this upcoming semester the most memorable one yet.

Stop by our GREEK life products page for a full list of our accessories to make this year special. Hook up one of your brothers with a bag tassel or fraternity mini zipper. Add some flare to your car keys that will let everyone know whose car is in the driveway. Don’t stop there, grab a matching tassel for your car mirror to show off your GREEK spirit.

Sorority sisters unite. As close as you may be with all your sisters, tassel depot has the accessories to bring you even closer. Bring your sisters closer than ever before with matching sorority bracelets. Choose the colors of your sorority with your GREEK life charms and flaunt your matching bracelets all over campus.

Greek life is all about promotion. What better way to promote this year’s biggest event than with custom Greek invitations and promotional items from Tassel Depot. Everything you need from invitations, table toppers, tassels, to ornaments and everything in-between to throw the best event of the semester.

Stop by our GREEK life section of our website to view our entire selection of custom GREEK sorority and fraternity tassels and accessories for your best semester yet.