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Seemingly the most exciting part of Graduation day, the turning of graduation tassels. The moment builds throughout the ceremony, the graduates names are announced, diplomas handed out, hands are shaken and finally, the silence before the dean announces it is time to move that tassel. The feeling and emotions of all you have accomplished truly set in as the cheers of friends and families roar and applaud your big moment.

Of all the graduation regalia, the graduation tassel is the most prized and sought after piece of your graduation couture. Why is this professionally made tuft of hanging thread so important? Simply put, all the meanings this little object possesses makes it priceless once you graduate.

At first glance, you notice the color of your tassel, a representation of your school pride. A remembrance of all your friends, favorite classes, and most memorable moments. The second thing you notice is the charm hanging, representing the year you finished your degree and realized all that hard work payed off. Finally, the tassel and charm as one whole object. A token of your achievements, the stepping stone of your future, and a symbol to look at in the days to come, which will spark the memories of the day you were honored for all you’ve gained to help you soar into a bright future.

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