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Graduation Ceremony Ideas To Celebrate Despite COVID-19

Although school might be out until further notice and many end-of-year traditions might be canceled, you can still have your very own graduation ceremony. Our team at Tassel Depot understands the frustration, sadness, and other emotions you may feel about missing these celebrations with your classmates. However, just because you can’t attend in person doesn’t mean you can’t hold a virtual graduation. Here are a few ideas for your upcoming online commencement ceremony.

Virtual Graduation

After all your hard work, countless hours studying, and creating endless memories, the time has come to celebrate this milestone with a commencement ceremony. Now, will the Class of 2020 please make their way to the living room, backyard, or any open spot in their homes. That’s right! Due to the unfortunate pandemic of COVID-19, all 2020 graduates will be participating in virtual graduations.

Thankfully, we have the techonology to connect with friends and family no matter how far away, so you can host a graduation ceremony. Arrange the date and time with your classmates and friends and choose which social video platform to use such as Facetime, Zoom, or Skype. Choose the commencement speaker and designate someone to announce the graduates. Have fun with it, though! Design invitations with a service such as Paperless Post, set up chairs with photos of your loved ones as if they were physically present, and cover a table with festive tablecloth to display your senior photo and your diploma before you “walk across the stage.” Put on your favorite outfit under your graduation cap and gown and make the most out of your DIY graduation ceremony. Don’t forget to record the virtual graduation to remember this special day celebrating your 2020 commencement.    

Self-Quarantine Graduation Party Ideas

It’s time to party like it’s 2020 – in quarantine! Although your school’s official graduation may have been canceled, you can still celebrate with these graduation party ideas during this quarantine. Despite the circumstances, a party is a party, and after your virtual graduation ceremony, it’s time to celebrate your achievements. Keep in mind the specific restrictions on large gatherings. We recommend you celebrate with your immediate family while everyone else attends via video chat.

One of the essential graduation party ideas is to put up decorations, of course! Print out a 2020 commencement celebration banner, which you can find online, and hang it up as the backdrop of your video party. If you want to make your venue stand out even more during your DIY graduation ceremony, you can create a statement backdrop with colorful paper plates. Another great decoration idea is to order balloons from a nearby party supply store in an effort to support a local business during this time. Don’t forget about dessert! Order a cake, cupcakes, or your favorite pastries and desserts from a local bakery or purchase supplies to bake your own sweet treats at home. A few easy graduation party desserts include chocolate-dipped pretzel rods that resemble diplomas or graduation cords, decorated cookies that say the class of 2020, or even cupcakes with graduation cap toppers.

You are on your way to creating an enjoyable and exciting DIY graduation ceremony. It’s time to celebrate your achievements with these graduation party ideas. Although your official graduation may have been canceled, you can conduct your commencement virtually! At Tassel Depot, we commemorate milestones and provide our clients with the highest quality tassels and exceptional customer service. For all your graduation accessories, visit Tassel Depot, where we believe in tassels without hassles.  Congratulations to the Class of 2020.