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Fall Wedding Decoration Tips

When you are choosing fall wedding decorations, you are probably going to start with the color scheme. The 2016 fall wedding tassels and colors are here, and Tassel Depot has all the colors you need to plan a beautiful wedding.  

Old Gold, Natural, White, Kelly Green and Navy are just a few of Tassel Depot's most exclusive and sought after colors for wedding tassel decorations. Regardless of which wedding tassel color you choose, Tassel Depot can help you create the perfect tassel wedding décor to suit your style and theme.

Seasonal Fall Wedding Decorations 

When you think of fall, what comes to mind? Most will think of the fall colors, the leaves changing colors, and the crisp fall air. When you choose fall wedding decorations it is important to keep those ideas in mind. Wedding tassels and tassel garlands in fall colors create the perfect mood for a fall wedding.  

Creating an experience is in vogue for weddings this year, and it is easier than you think to create a seasonal fall experience. Tassels in fall colors lining the ceremony will give off the impression of flowing and floating like the leaves off of trees, coordinating fall tassels on the ends of napkins and table cloths give the feeling of Thanksgiving – a warmth and family welcoming that creates a wonderful fall experience for your wedding guests.  

Seasonal Location and Food 

Use the fall season to your advantage and make everything in your wedding seasonal. This year, trendy couples are choosing to have their wedding ceremonies outside, something akin to a Thanksgiving celebration of a bygone era. And much like those celebrations, these couples are celebrating their love with the seasonal food associated with fall.  Simply add fall colored tassels to the serving tables, napkins rings, and centerpieces and you have the perfect outdoor wedding that exudes a fall vibe. 

Muted Shades 

If you choose to have your fall wedding outside, muted metallic shades are the best, yet often overlooked option. The muted colors make for perfect wedding tassels; the metallic allows for the colors to stand out against the surrounding outside area.