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Decorate Your Dorm Room with Stylish Tassels!

Picture Board

Digital pictures are mainstream, can be found everywhere, and are fast becoming impersonal. Take the décor in your dorm room up a notch and make (or buy) a picture board to collect and display your memories rather than building stock of them on social media. Either way, be sure to get some tassel decorations from Tassel Depot to spice it up. Hanging anything on the wall or ceiling with a little tassel flair is always a welcomed touch and you can even get tassels in school colors to show some college pride!

Tassels and Handles

Do you have a dresser in your dorm room? Perhaps you have a desk or organizational piece? Dress these bland furniture pieces up with decorative tassels from Tassel Depot. Hang various colored tassels from the handles to make your furniture pop with color and style. You could even show off your school spirit and buy tassels in your school colors!

Ceiling Fans

Can't reach your ceiling fan pulley? Attach a long, decorative tassel to the end of the pulley to give it some length for you and your roommate's dorm room. Want to make it even more personal? Buy tassels in each roommate's high school graduation cap tassel color and attach all of them to the pulley to symbolize the center of the room and the union that you form during dorm-life.

Pillow Tassels

Don’t have boring couch and bed pillows. When you decorate your dorm room, you want it to have some funky flair. After all, this is your new home away from home! Grab some simple tassel decorations and sew them onto the corners of pillows for a cute and creative touch that all of your friends will love. Make your pillow custom by attaching tassels that showcase your school’s colors.