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Class of 2020 Graduation Cap Design Contest on Instagram

To support the class of 2020 and their creativity, Tassel Depot is holding a Graduation Cap Design Contest. If you are part of the graduating class of 2020, we want to see all your grad cap decoration ideas and final customized graduation cap designs!


Why Personalized Graduation Caps Became So Popular

The graduation ceremony represents a right of passage for those who choose to attend. There are rituals passed on from generations that came before. There is also a uniform – attendees are expected and sometimes required to wear a graduation cap and gown, with a lucky few outfitted with satin honor stoles.

With such a strict uniform, its hard to stand out in the crowd and even harder for your family members in the stands to recognize you in a sea of plain graduation caps. Graduates have solved this problem by personalizing their grad gaps with unique designs.

Graduation Cap Design for RN Graduate

You can scroll through the #gradcapdesign tag on Instagram or scour through Pinterest boards to see hundreds of grad dap decoration ideas graduates have come up with throughout the years. You see caps with painted pictures, meaningful quotes, splashes of glitter, and even three dimensional elements like silk flowers, ribbons, foam letters, tassels, and trim. Graduation cap designs come in all shapes and sizes!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many graduation ceremonies have been canceled. But that shouldn’t stop you from going full out with your graduation celebrations. There are plenty of DIY graduation ceremony ideas you can do at home. So, even if you are stuck at home during your graduation date, you can still make you own graduation cap designs.

How to Enter Tassel Depot’s Graduation Cap Design Contest

Entering our Cap Design Contest is very easy. Once you have completed designing your custom graduation cap, take a picture of it. Post it onto your Instagram and tag the Tassel Depot Instagram account (@tasseldepot) for a chance to win. Our team will select the top three graduation cap designs as the winners. Winners will receive Amazon gift cards!

Tassel Depot is the world’s leading manufacturer of graduation tassels, honor cords, and other graduation accessories. We also love custom orders including custom graduation stoles, caps, and tassels. Contact us or call (954) 698-0000 to order directly from us. At Tassel Depot, we guarantee a quick shipping process and first-class customer service. Head over to the Tassel Depot Instagram to enter our Graduation Cap Design Contest!