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Fun Ways to Decorate Your Graduation Cap!

Tis’ the season for graduation! Seniors, it’s time for you to show yourself off and decorate your graduation cap with style. You better not forget the decorative graduation tassel! You could go with the old fashioned look and keep it simple, sure, but this is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to really show off your creativity. Graduation cap decorating is an art form if done right. Before you get started gluing, cutting and drawing, here are 5 fun ways to decorate your graduation cap, supplied by the leading graduation tassel providers at Tassel Depot!

Quotes – Quotes on graduation caps are quite common. There are 2 types you can go for: funny graduation cap quotes are an awesome way to let yourself be heard. “Game of Loans”, “Because I lost my Hogwarts letter”, and “That’s all folks!” If you go for serious, you’ll find seniors usually turn to the work hard, play hard motif. It’s a popular theme because it describes your time at school. Either route you take – get creative with it!  

Pictures – Pictures are a great way to say more with the small space provided. You could go for a picture of yourself or a loved one, or you could cover your entire graduation cap with a picture – of course, centered around your graduation tassel. If you love traveling - cover it all with a map. If you studied investing - cover it all with monopoly money. Pictures tend to be easier than breaking out puff paint, glitter and glue and making a mess of your precious, prized graduation cap and tassel.  

Graduation Tassel – Don’t forget about the tassel! Your graduation tassel is just as, if not more important than the cap itself, since the tassel is what will signify your graduation status at the end of the ceremony. It’s easier to buy a decorative graduation tassel from a supplier and then add some additional bedazzled décor after.  

Get personal with your graduation tassel and order one that allows your personality to shine with decorative tassels from Tassel Depot. Tassel Depot has been supplying graduation tassels for over 50 years and has customizable graduation tassels for even the most colorful graduate’s personality. No matter what color tassel you desire, Tassel Depot has got your graduation needs covered!