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 5 High School Graduation Gift Ideas

Finding the best high school graduation gifts isn't an easy task! Most people will want to find a gift that represents the graduate and their accomplishments, honoring their individual experiences and progression into the next chapter of their adult life. At Tassel Depot we want to help you commemorate your graduate's success with some of the best high school graduation gifts we can find! 

High School Senior Gift Ideas for a Graduate

As the world’s leading manufacturer of tassels, cords, stoles, and trimmings, Tassel Depot knows that finding the perfect high school graduation gifts can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t settling for the average gift card. We recommend digging a little deeper and looking back at the memories a graduate will cherish as well as the new life and experiences waiting for your graduate in the next chapter. So, whether you are looking for good graduation gifts for a friend or family member, here are 5 high school graduation gift ideas that are sure to make them feel extra special on their big day. 

1. College Gear Gift Ideas

If your high school graduate is planning to attend a college or university, a gift box or basket full of college gear to show their campus pride is a great graduation gift idea. The graduate will now have things to wear and use often on college game days and other campus events.

2. Engraved Graduation Picture Frame for High School Seniors 

High school graduation is a big deal, and your special graduate should remember this life-changing event with an engraved graduation picture frame. Personalized graduation gifts are a great way to honor their hard work and accomplishments. Snag a great photo of the high school graduate in their graduation cap or even a photo of them wearing their graduation stoles and cords without the gown to commemorate their accomplishments and their sense of style! 

3. DIY High School Scrapbook 

One of our favorite graduation gifts for friends is a DIY photo album or scrapbook filled with memories of high school. Include photos, notes, letters, tickets to special events like prom and homecoming, and more! While some friends may attend the same university or move to the same city, most of the time people will go on separate paths and it might take a little more effort to keep in touch so a scrapbook is a wonderful reminder of the great times you all had as friends in high school. This meaningful high school senior gift idea will definitely have a big impact and will hold a special place in the graduate’s heart for years to come.

4. Group Games for College-Bound Graduates

 A fun high school graduation gift idea is a fun group game the graduates can play with friends at college or on the weekends. There are so many fun group games to play together; it’s an inexpensive graduation gift that will help your high school senior make new friends, laugh, and simply enjoy themselves with their favorite people. We recommend Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme? and Catch Phrase, but you might find some other fun games out there. 

5. Personalized Graduation Gift Basket

Another great gift idea for graduating seniors is a personalized high school graduation gift basket. In addition to college gear, you can include study essentials in colorful or themed designs, a tassel keychain, their favorite snacks, custom bookmarks, headphones, custom graduation face masks, and other useful and fun accessories. Be sure to decorate your graduation gift basket with school colors, ribbons, and other fun decorations you can find at your local hobby and craft store. 

Find Everything You Need for Graduation at Tassel Depot 

Before senior graduation, you will want to make sure that your high school graduate has everything they need to look their best on Graduation Day. Tassel Depot offers a wide range of graduation accessories to ensure your high school graduate is ready to celebrate their big day! We have a wide range of custom stoles and tassel keepsakes to match any high school or university school colors. 

Tassel Depot also offers cotton face masks and plastic face shields for protection against the coronavirus. 

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