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One of the most desired pieces of graduation attire, the graduation honor cords make your commencement ceremony much more special. The meaning and accomplishment behind your prized honor cords expresses to all in attendance just how amazing your college career truly was.

Honor cords vary in color and meaning, depending on the school in which you attend. One representation an honor cord can signify is your field of study, whether it be major or minor. For example, English, History and Literature are represented by white colored graduation cords. Other fields of study can be a form of your school’s colors or multi-colored to symbolize a major and a minor.

Another meaning of graduation cords can come from group affiliations. Different clubs or organizations use graduation cords to symbolize their team members. You will notice at the commencement ceremony that all members of a certain society wear matching cords of a specific color to signify their membership to a fraternity, sorority, or any other clubs they may belong to.

Perhaps the most important meaning of graduation cords comes from academic excellence. Universities reward honor cords to students who have shown outstanding academic achievement. The most commonly awarded for academic achievement are the valedictorian, summa cum laude, magna cum laude, salutatorian, and Dean’s List students.

Other honor cords that may be awarded are for accomplishments in specific fields of discipline. This includes leadership accomplishments, excellence in arts, or athletics honors. Each school varies in regard to the honor cords it awards and the color of those cords.

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