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12/2 (3/32") Rayon Cord

16/2 (1/8") Twisted Rayon Cord

2007/4 - Blog

2012/10 - Blog

2014 Bookmark (Bundle of 50)

2014 Congratulations Bookmarks with Tassels to Attach (Bundle of 100)

24/2 (5/32") Twisted Rayon Cord

36/2 (3/16") Rayon Cord

48/2 (7/32") Twisted Rayon Cord

68/3 (1/4") Rayon Cord

8/2 (1/16") Rayon Cord

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Adult Graduation Tassels

Adult Graduation Tassels

Adult Graduation Year Date

Barbed Metallic Elastic

Barbed Rayon Elastic

Beaded Elastic Tassels

Bling Graduation Tassel

Bling Year Date


Bookmark Tassels

Bookmark Tassels Rayon


Cell Phone Bling Tassels

Cell Phone Tassels

Chainette Bookmark Tassels

Chainette Tassels

Chainette Tassels

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Custom Charms & Pins

Custom Tassels, Cords and other Products

Elastic Cords

Elastic Tassels, Loops & Barbs

Full Sheet Plain Bookmarks

Glass Beaded Elastic Loop Tassels

Glass Beaded Elastic Tassels

Graduate Bookmark (Bundle of 50)

Graduation Bookmarks

Graduation Cap Tassel or Honor Cord. It's Never Too Late To Order!

Graduation Date Tassel

Graduation Honor Cords

Graduation Program Tassels

Graduation Program Tassels

Graduation Stoles

Graduation Stoles

Graduation Tassels

Green Collection

Honor Cords

HonorSociety.Org Graduation Stoles

HonorSociety.Org Graduation Tassels

HonorSociety.Org Honor Cords

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Key Ring Graduation Tassels

Kinder Graduation Tassels

Kinder Graduation Year Date

Knot Napkin Ring - Metallic Gold

Knot Napkin Ring - Metallic Silver

Knot Napkin Ring - Natural

Knot Napkin Ring

Knot Napkin Ring - White

Laminated Graduation Bookmarks with Grad Tassels to attach

Lead-Contaminated Costumes from China - Reasons to Buy USA Made Products

Menu Metallic Elastic Loop w/ Tassel

Menu Rayon Elastic Loop w/ Ball

Menu Rayon Elastic Loop w/ Tassel

Metallic Cord 10End 2Ply (7/32” – 4mm)

Metallic Cord 15End 2Ply (5/16” – 6mm)

Metallic Cord 5End 2Ply (3/16”)

Metallic Cords

Metallic Elastic Cord

Metallic Elastic Cord

Metallic Elastic Loop Ball

Metallic Napkin Ring - Metallic Silver

Metallic Napkin Rings

Metallic Napkin Tassels

Metallic Napkin Ties

Metallic Passementerie Frogs

Metallic Program Tassels

Natural Bookmark Tassels

Natural Napkin Ring

Natural Napkin Tassels

Natural Napkin Ties

Natural Program Tassels

Natural Rayon Napkin Tie - 26 Inch

Natural Tassel Ties

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Old Gold Rayon Napkin Tie - 26 Inch

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Pearl Beaded Elastic Tassel

Pearl Beaded Elastic Tassels

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Program & Invitation Tassels

Rayon Cord

Rayon Elastic Cord

Rayon Elastic Cord

Rayon Napkin Ring - Natural

Rayon Napkin Rings

Rayon Napkin Tassel

Rayon Napkin Ties

Rayon Passementerie Frogs

Rayon Program Tassels

Religious Message Graduation Bookmark with Tassels to Attach (Bundle of 100)

Silver Metallic Napkin Tie - 26 Inch


Stretch Loops Gold Silver

Tabletop Accessories

Tassel Depot Welcomes Queen Elizabeth II

Tassel Ties

Tassel Ties

Tassels 4 A Cause - Car Tassels

Tassels 4 A Cause - Key Ring Tassels

Tassels 4 A Cause ®

Tassels For A Cause ®

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The History of Tassels

Twister Colored Bookmark Tassels

Twister Colored Program Tassels

Twister Tassels

University of Phoenix Criminal Justice Program Honor Cord

University of Phoenix Criminal Justice Program Honor Cord

Welcome to Tassel Depot's Blog

Welcome to Tassel Depot - Tassels without Hassles

White Rayon Napkin Tie - 26 Inch

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