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3 Easy DIY Easter Decorating Ideas

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 4/14/2017

Creative do-it-yourself Easter decorations from Tassel Depot that will ensure you’re ready for the upcoming holiday.

Graduation Tassel Pranks For April Fools Day

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 4/1/2017
Make the most out of your upcoming Graduation with a Tassel Prank guaranteed to fool your parents, from Tassel Depot. 

3 Graduation Party Favor Ideas

Posted by Tassel Depot on 3/27/2017
Think outside the box for your graduation party favor that will remind all your guests of the huge milestone you've just accomplished and all the fun they had celebrating the moment with you!

St Patricks Day Tassel Ideas

Posted by Tassel Depot on 3/16/2017
Tassels are a major fashion statement this year, and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to begin incorporating tassels into your home and celebrations. Try these easy tassel projects and ideas for this upcoming Irish holiday!

Tassels for Spring Weddings

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 2/22/2017
Spring weddings are beautiful, and Tassel Depot wants to make sure that you have everything you need for your special day. 

Great Ideas for Your Valentine's Gift Exchange at School

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 2/14/2017

Creative ideas for Valentine’s Day gift exchange at your child’s school. Learn how bookmark tassels can set your child apart this Valentine’s Day.

Equip Your Super Bowl Party with Tassel Depot!

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 2/1/2017
If you are having a great big Super Bowl party to close out this football season, check out these different ways to decorate with Tassel Depot.

Presidential Inauguration Day in the United States

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 1/20/2017
The Presidential Inauguration is here, where president-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office as President Trump. Read more here.

Tassel Depot is Your Number One Spot for Stocking Stuffers This Season

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 12/23/2016
Are you fresh out of ideas for what to gift your friends and family this holiday? Tassel Depot has tons of stocking stuffers for gifts! 

Fun Christmas Tree Decorations and Ideas

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 12/21/2016
Be the perfect tree designer this year. Tassel Depot is here to help you with some Christmas tree decorations and fun ideas to brighten up your living room.  

Chassie Post Mentions Tassel Depot on NBC’s TODAY Show with Al Roker and Dylan Dreyer

Posted by Tassel Depot on 12/6/2016
Tassel Depot was featured on NBC’s TODAY Show this morning, in a segment titled “Sequined Wreaths and Other Festive Decorations for Under $25.”  The segment featured style expert Chassie Post, as she walked TODAY’s Al Roker and Dylan Dreyer through affordable, holiday decoration ideas.

Decorate the Thanksgiving Table with Tassels!

Posted by Tassel Depot on 11/17/2016
Thanksgiving is almost here! Make sure you decorate the Thanksgiving table with elegance and flare. See more here.

The 1989 Presidential Inauguration in the United States

Posted by Tassel Depot on 11/7/2016
With one commencement after the next, Tassel Depot is honored to take part in the presidential inauguration ceremonies.

Add Some Tassel To Your Tinsel With The New Graduation Tassel Ornament From Tassel Depot®

Posted by Tassel Depot on 11/1/2016

School graduates and alumni can now show their pride during the holiday season with the unique, new Graduation Tassel Ornament from Tassel Depot®, the world’s leading manufacturer of graduation tassels and trimmings since 1864.

Tassel Depot® Joins Major Effort To Help People Of Haiti In Wake Of Devastating Hurricane Matthew

Posted by Tassel Depot on 11/1/2016

As president of the world’s largest manufacturer of tassels in the world, Roger Leavy is used to mobilizing large shipments of goods to all corners of the earth. But it was a large shipment of good that was his highest priority last month after hearing of the plight of the Haiti people following Hurricane Matthew, which devastated the tiny island with Category 4 force winds. 

Four More Years! Tassel Depot® To Once Again Provide Tassels For Presidential Inauguration Program

Posted by Tassel Depot on 11/1/2016
When it comes to providing tassels for the presidential inauguration programs, there’s no debate.

Tassel Depot® Joins America's Promise Alliance And GradNation Campaign

Posted by Tassel Depot on 11/1/2016

Tassel Depot® today announced it has become an official partner of America’s Promise Alliance, the nation’s largest partnership dedicated to improving the lives of young people. As a partner, Tassel Depot® will work with America’s Promise to increase the nation’s graduation rate and help America’s young people receive the resources they need to lead healthy, successful lives.

Halloween Costume Ideas from Tassel Depot

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 10/26/2016
Tassel Depot shares some DIY Halloween costume ideas that incorporate tassels and fringe! Happy Halloween!

Show Off Your New Greek Colors on Campus This Fall!

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 10/21/2016
Tassel Depot supports Greek life and loves when you show off your Greek colors with tassels!

Fall Wedding Decoration Tips for 2016: Colors, Traditions and More!

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 9/20/2016
Deciding which fall wedding decorations to use is easy with Tassel Depot. Choose from our selection of wedding tassels and throw the perfect, 2016 fall wedding.

Beat First-Semester Blues with these Tassel Overhauls

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 9/14/2016

Start your semester right with a few tassel overhauls from Tassel Depot that will boost your school spirit and embrace the fall season. 

Decorate Your Dorm Room with Stylish Tassels!

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 8/17/2016

After moving into a dorm for college, check out this list from Tassel Depot on how to add flair and decorate your dorm room with colorful tassels. 

Tassel Tips for Teachers: Organize, Decorate, and Educate with Style

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 8/15/2016
The school year is finally here and if you are a teacher, you are most likely putting the finishing touches on your classroom! You've picked out your curriculum, you've gathered up all school supplies and equipment, and now it is time to jazz up the décor in your classroom. 

Tips, Tricks and Tassels: Jewelry with Flair!

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 7/20/2016
Tassel Depot provides you with some helpful tips and tricks for creating tassel jewelry and incorporating tassels into your style!

How to Add Wedding Tassels to your Wedding Décor

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 7/18/2016
Don't let your wedding suffer from the some old stale and used wedding decorations, use tassels to add a unique quality to ensure that your special day is really one of a kind.