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Tassel Depot Welcomes Queen Elizabeth II
Posted by Roger Leavy on 4/24/2007

Queen Elizabeth II accompanied by her husband Prince Philip, will be visiting the United States in May for the first time in 16 years. It is the 400th Anniversary of Jamestown, where the Virginia English Colony was established and Tassel Depot Tassels will be there to celebrate.

Tassel Depot Tassels will adorn the programs and menus for the many ceremonies to take place. 6,500 pieces of a custom made Navy Blue and Red for the Arrival Ceremonies and 300 pieces of Old Gold for the Official State Dinner.

The White House and The State Department choose Tassel Depot for such celebrations as we always provide Tassels without Hassles. Specially designed program tassels will add a touch of elegance, just for the Queen.

We at Tassel Depot welcome Queen Elizabeth II.

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» Tassel Depot Welcomes Queen Elizabeth II

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